We buy companies.
But not just any companies.

We would like to buy your software company, in whole or in part. We look for profitable, well-run companies that show promise of scaling even greater heights. With our committed ownership and unwavering support for company leadership, we nurture businesses to help them realize their full potential. As an independent investment firm, we’re optimally positioned to support your business with our expertise, our experience, and our financial resources.

Time for the next step

You’ve reached a crossroads. You’ve built an impressive company and can, unblushing, boast of its success. But now it’s time for the next step.

Maybe you’ve started to think there’s more to life than work and you’d like to see a new team carry the company onward and upward?

Or perhaps you prefer to continue working but lack a skilled and experienced partner to help you expand, maybe internationally? Maybe your company simply needs reinvigoration in the form of new, dedicated owners? In which case, we have plenty to talk about.

We seek value, not bargains

The biggest question is not how much money you’ll make, because that’s a given. What is of paramount importance is that you sell to someone you trust; someone who can perpetuate your legacy successfully. If this interests you, rest assured, we’re interested, too.

We have solid experience in this type of business and have multiple companies in our portfolio where you can really see the difference we make. We cultivate great companies – we seek value, not bargains.

We would like to buy and develop your business

With committed ownership and unwavering support for company leadership, we develop robust and growing businesses. For today and for the future.