Everyone wins!

We’re interested in small and medium-sized software enterprises where we, as an independent investment firm, can make a difference and build long-term, robust growth companies.

Through the acquisition of thriving, solid businesses, which we can nurture and develop, we ensure a great deal for everyone involved.

Companies we buy

Your company is your legacy

You’ve built a fine business and deserve every honour and reward for your efforts, your talent and the risks you’ve taken. However, it’s also important that we carry your legacy forward with your hand-picked team. You’ll be able to walk the streets with your head held high, even if you do choose to sell outright. And we will cherish your hard-earned reputation as our own.

Is your company profitable, well-run and with great future prospects? If so, and if we are the future partner you’d like to learn more about, your journey begins here.

A simplified process

1 + 1 = 3
If you do it right!

The only prerequisite in this scenario is that we all pursue a professional course informed by a clear, long-term vision. Which is why you will only ever find yourself working with a team of experienced individuals who have completed many such journeys before.

This accumulated experience is reflected in our sharpened focus on the right issues – and in our application of the right expertise at every step.

Where are we headed?

Do you wish to grow?

What is the best way to grow your company? We help with expansion – either organic growth through product development or through acquisitions. We help your company to enrich its organisation through strategic recruitment. We generate a shared vision of the future and the detailed planning needed to get there.

Pamir also has extensive experience in internationalisation and our success rests partly on our wide-ranging, first-hand knowledge of international markets and partly on a well-developed network of local experts who know their markets inside and out.

We buy companies.
But not just any companies.

If your business is the one we’re looking for, and if we’re the future partner you’d like to learn more about, then your journey can begin right now.